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Streaming VPN for Laptops

VyprVPN Gives You the Best Streaming Experience

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Worry-Free Streaming

VyprVPN protects both your streaming data and your personal data. We also have been independently audited and verified as a no-log VPN, which means we do not keep or share any of your personal information. We do not log any user activity, IP addresses or your location. Streaming VPNs are completely secure and safe to use. VyprVPN owns and operates 100% of our hardware and network. That means NO third parties ever gain access to our VPN servers.

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Multiple Device Connections

With VyprVPN you can connect with up to 5 different devices simultaneously. Have movie nights at home and watch videos on your phone at the same time if you want.

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Unlimited Streaming Access

We unlock geo-blocks and let you surf the entire internet without limitations, no matter what part of the world you call home. When you connect to VyprVPN global content is always a click away.


How do I set up VyprVPN for streaming?

Setup is quick and simple.

  1. Sign up to start risk free with our 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  2. Download the app you need on
  3. Log in to the VyprVPN app and connect to one of the streaming servers in the desired region.
  4. Enjoy Streaming!
What devices can I use to stream with VyprVPN?

VyprVPN apps support all platforms including  Android,  iOS, Mac, Windows, Router, and TV.

VyprVPN also supports streaming media players. Please read our manual setup guides for Apple TV and Android TV. You can also connect to 5 different devices simultaneously.

Will a VPN affect my streaming quality?

VyprVPN regularly upgrades servers for an optimal streaming experience. In the event that your connection speed is being throttled by an ISP, VyprVPN can actually improve your streaming speed.

Make sure that you choose the servers in the desired region with the lowest ping if you ever notice a drop in video quality.

What else can VyprVPN do?

Beyond entertainment and streaming, VyprVPN can protect your online privacy and security, bypass censorship restrictions, and avoid data retention. No matter if you’re at home, traveling, or working from public WiFi, VyprVPN will always guard your Internet connection.

Can I use streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime with my VPN in countries with internet restrictions or geo-blocks?

We are constantly updating our apps to bypass censorship in internet restricted countries, including China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and other heavily censored parts of the world. Whether you live in countries with geo-blocks or you’re traveling, you can connect to one of our VPN servers and stream from wherever you may be, even if local Internet access is restricted. You can also bypass VPN blocking and browse the Internet without restrictions when using VyprVPN in tandem with our VyprDNS™ and proprietary Chameleon™ technology.

Can I stream with VyprVPN while browsing the Internet with my local IP address?

We offer a Connections Per App setting that allows you to choose which apps will automatically trigger VyprVPN to connect. With the Connections Per App setting you can stream movies with VyprVPN, while accessing additional websites from your local IP address. Devices we presently support with the Connections Per App setting are Windows, Mac and Android.

I am having issues with a streaming service, what should I do?

See our support page to troubleshoot specific streaming issues.

If you have any additional questions about streaming services, please start a live chat or email our customer success team at