How To Secure Your Android TV Box with a VPN

How To Secure Your Android TV Box with a VPN

Using a VPN with Your Android Smart TV

A smart TV is a television that is Internet-connected. It can also be referred to as a "connected tv," and smart TVs are available on various platforms including Android. Since it's connected to the Internet, a smart TV has access to a variety of services a normal TV does not. This access also comes with risks, however, so it's essential you secure your connection. A VPN like VyprVPN is a great way to secure your connection and protect your smart TV. To set up a VPN on your Android TV, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Google Play Store.
  2. Download and install VyprVPN for Android onto your Android TV.
  3. Enter your login credentials and click Connect.
  4. That's it! Your android TV will be protected.
  5. You can also download the APK from the VyprVPN website and sideload the app to your Android TV device.
What is the Best Way to Secure Your Android TV Box?

What is the Best Way to Secure Your Android TV Box?

A VPN encrypts your Internet connection and enhances your online privacy and security on your smart TV, like your Android TV box. When your TV is connected to the Internet, it may pose risks to your privacy like your computer does. These can include hackers or snoops viewing your activity, or your ISP or service provider collecting information about your viewing habits or behavior. Using a VPN on your smart TV secures the connection greatly, enhancing privacy for the television. Using a VPN, like VyprVPN for Android TV, also provides other valuable benefits. It improves your streaming experience by offering enhanced speeds while you stream content, and defeats throttling performed by your ISP.


For detailed instructions on installing VyprVPN on your Android TV, view our support page:

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