How To Set Up a VPN Service on Your DD-WRT Router

How To Set Up a VPN Service on Your DD-WRT Router

How Do I Install a VPN On My DD-WRT Router?

DD-WRT is a Linux-based firmware used exclusively for wireless routers. It is used to enhance your router's performance and improve your overall Internet connection by offering additional features. Using a VPN with your DD-WRT router will encrypt and protect your DD-WRT router, preventing the government, hackers and any third-party snoops from accessing your communications and viewing your private information. With VyprVPN, the leading VPN for DD-WRT firmware, you are able to protect all your DD-WRT connected devices at once. To set up a VPN on your DD-WRT router, follow these easy instructions:

  1. Sign up for a VPN service. VyprVPN is fast and highly-secure, with no third parties.
  2. Flash your router with the latest OpenVPN-capable build of DD-WRT.
  3. Follow the instructions for setting up VyprVPN on your DD-WRT router.
  4. Connect to VyprVPN and enjoy the service on your DD-WRT router!


For detailed instructions on installing VyprVPN on your DD-WRT firmware, view our support pages:

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